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Conscious Spiritwork Course (Essentials)

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Utilizing and bridging both ancient yogic practices, modern techniques, and the advancement of scientific understanding, this course will train the wings of your body (lungs) to uplift you into a meditative state naturally and consistently.

By signing up for this course you are embarking on a journey of the spirit (breath) to release, reveal, feel, heal, and integrate all of the dis-eases and stagnant energies in your body. As is stated in ancient texts on such topics, practices such as Pranayama, Kriya yoga, and other forms of body work (that we will study in this course) are used for the purpose of not only cleansing the physical body but opening the pathways (nadis) of the energy body, healing the emotional body, and bringing oneself to a state of complete union with the Source energy from which all things come. Thus, in this process you may experience the healing and releasing of traumas trapped in the emotional body, as well as the purging of all forms of karma, or past action.

Throughout this course you will feel the entire spectrum of Hueman emotion coming to the surface, which we will work through together to face and let go. You will at times feel extreme joy and happiness and the desire to laugh, and at other times you may feel anger, sadness, anxiety, fear, and the natural flow of tears. Emotions are energy in motion. When that energy becomes stuck or trapped it becomes stagnant and creates what we refer to as the “negative emotions.” This course will help you to release that trapped energy and allow it to freely flow through you.

By consciously breathing into these emotional and traumatic experiences, you will come to find a balance in your daily life in all situations, interactions, and experiences, as you will have come fully into the presence of the breath, united with your spirit, in alignment with your purpose, and capable of tapping into the pure, loving awareness that you are. You will not doubt yourself when you remember who you are. You will remember who you are when you breathe consciously into that space.

So what is Conscious Spiritwork?

Spirituality is the essence of all things. Consciousness is the awareness. Breathwork is the bridge connecting essence (spirit/breath) with awareness (mind). Breath is the spirit and breathwork is the vehicle of control, the bridge that connects the flowing body with the thinking mind, bringing yin and yang into alignment. To practice breathwork is to practice spirituality, consciously. In other words, breathwork is conscious spirituality, hence the name, Conscious Spiritwork.

By practicing this particular fusion of ancient and modern systems, we can gain control of our breathing patterns and thus consciously influence the world we experience.

You will receive:

  • 9 Recorded Conscious Spiritwork Sessions Led by Abushady: Each class covers a unique topic related to the Conscious Spiritwork system which is then followed by an extended, guided breathwork session and ending with deep relaxation.

- Throughout these classes you will learn over 33 unique breathwork techniques fusing the styles of Yogic Breathing (Pranayama), Kundalini, Tantra, Kriya Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and other modern methods.

-Some of the topics we will discuss in the classes & lectures include but are not limited to: proper posture, parasympathetic vs. sympathetic nervous system, diaphragmatic breathing, nasal cleansing, yogic purification techniques, Kundalini awakening, Tantric techniques for sexual energy cultivation and sublimation, 2 types of DMT breathing, assisting the body in its natural detoxing, proper diet and hydration, healing yourself naturally & much more.

  • Course Textbook: 61 Page textbook that verbally and visually explains, depicts, and reinforces everything that is taught in the video course.

[We begin with an introduction and explanation as to what this course is about and what kind of things we will be learning. In this section we also cover diaphragmatic breathing, proper posture/asanas, beginning your session, and ending your session.

The book continues as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Conscious Spiritwork

Chapter 2: Purification - Shat Kriyas - The Six Kriyas for Cleansing

Chapter 3: Yoga Sutras - Eight Limbs of Yoga (1-4)

Chapter 4: Yoga Sutras - Eight Limbs of Yoga (5-8)

Chapter 5: Prana and Pranayama

Chapter 6: Healing and Energy Cultivation through Reiki, Bio-energetics, and Qi Gong

Chapter 7: Parasympathetic Breathwork - Rest, Digest, Repair, and Regeneration

Chapter 8: Chakras

Chapter 9: Kundalini Tantra - Transmuting Sexual Energy

The book ends with my closing thoughts and one of my favorite Mantras.

Take an immersive dive into breath consciousness as we fuse ancient and modern techniques. This course contains over 30 hours of video content and a 61 page textbook which reiterates all of the information discussed in the course in a clear and concise way.

9 Guided Conscious Spiritwork Sessions - $693

Official Conscious Spiritwork Course Textbook - $111

At a total of $804, you will save $654 by purchasing this package!

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An all inclusive, immersive dive into the art of breath consciousness through the use of a fusion of ancient and modern techniques. This course contains over 30 hours of video content as well as a 61 page textbook which reiterates and clarifies all of the information discussed in the course in a clear and clarified way.

9 Guided Conscious Spiritwork Sessions
Complete First Edition Conscious Spiritwork Course Textbook


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Conscious Spiritwork Course (Essentials)

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