New Year || New Moon 2022 Conscious Spiritwork

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It has been quite a while since our last class together, and so thus I felt inspired to create and hold space for this event as we enter a new year and begin a new moon cycle. If this is your first class with me, I welcome you with open arms into our loving community. 

As always, each class that I teach is unique and attuned to the times. In accordance with my personal Sadhana, it is my desire to share with you what I have been learning and practicing. In my own daily practice, I have developed a fusion of movement/bio-energetics, asana, pranayama, tummo breathing, kundalini yoga, mantra yoga, tantra yoga, and more that leaves me feeling absolutely amazing.

Using these techniques we are quite literally burning off and purging karma. This is what is talked about when people say, “doing the work.” Taking the time to do these practices on the daily is taking the time to address your inner workings. If you don’t consciously do the shadow work, the work will be done on you in other ways. We cannot bypass the spiritual work. We pray in communion to the divine by breathing consciously into each moment with full awareness, acceptance, and beingness.

It is my goal with this class to help you feel something you haven’t felt before, to awaken an energy within you that is dormant, and to begin to give you a glimpse into the possibility of what lies beyond the known and comfortable.

At any level this class will test your abilities and give you new sequences, techniques, and concepts to practice and study. 

Utilizing the aforementioned techniques I have compiled into the Conscious Spiritwork system, we will be cultivating the energy of the new year and the new moon, purging stagnant energy and karma, turning our attention inwards, entering a deep state of relaxation and diving deep into the inner world. 

The experience will be unique to each person, but some things you can expect from this experience include: an electric tingle throughout the body, complete relaxation, surges of energy, emotional release (laughter & crying), deep states of meditation, astral projection, natural DMT and triptamine release, and more. 

I have added a suggested donation, however, I really want you to pay as you feel. Send what you feel is an equal energy exchange for what I am offering. I do ask that you recognize the value of what I am offering. The tools I am giving you in this class will be yours to take and have with you always. You will at any moment be able to call upon these techniques to calm yourself, make yourself trip naturally, tap into a healing state, and so much more. The breath is the spirit, and learning to work with the spirit is the purpose of Conscious Spiritwork. 

When we fully allow our spirit to embody our physical body, we are truly a conscious and open channel to the cosmic energy of the Universe. We become the inner guru, the Buddha, the Christ Consciousness, and in that space there is true healing. With this in mind, there truly is no monetary value that can match what is being offered here. The information is priceless, which is why I want you to decide what its value is to you. I am always completely open to receiving what is meant for me in the best possible outcome for all beings. Sat Nam.

Please note: If you cannot make the time, the class will be recorded and sent to everybody who is enrolled. You will have the recording for yourself and be able to use it and share it as you please.

  • A 2-hour recording of a Conscious Spiritwork Class led by Abushady focusing on Asana, Pranayama, Mudras, and Bandhas

  • A 2-hour recording of a Conscious Spiritwork Class led by Abushady focusing on Asana, Pranayama, Mudras, and Bandhas
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New Year || New Moon 2022 Conscious Spiritwork

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