Wolf Moon Conscious Spiritwork

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You guys know the deal. It's the Full Wolf Moon, so there's going to be some wild and massive energy (expect group howling). The Wolf moon is always the first full moon of the year, and thus is asking us to face our deepest feelings and fears. The Wolf Moon is all about stepping up as a fierce protector and nurturer in our own lives. We can expect an increase in energy and tension, which can sometimes result in emotional build-ups or explosions. No worries, as these serve as helpful moments for letting go of old feelings and attachments, seeing situations more clearly, and/or bringing projects to a climax or conclusion. During this January 2022 Wolf Moon, emotions will be at a highpoint, and we’ll be challenged to find power in our feelings. What a better time to gather with the soul tribe and chant mantras and do powerful breathing exercises to bring to the surface and clear away whatever it is that needs to come up.

At the same time, we are in the midst of a three planet retrograde. Uranus retrograde which began August 19th of 2021 is coming to a close on January 18th. Uranus is the ruler of rebellion and individuality, thus, this has been a time of tapping into our independence and authenticity. I highly resonate with this alignment as the past 5 months has been all about me supporting myself, living on my own, and finding new ways to express myself to the fullest extent. As this retrograde is completed, we will see the conclusion of this phase.

Venus retrograde began December 19th and is coming to a close on January 29th. Venus is the planet of love and friendship, so this period has not only brought about new relationships but exposed the flaws in existing ones, ultimately either pushing people away, forming new connections, and/or making the existing relationships stronger. Venus is also connected with money and luxury, thus exposing the impact of your spending habits as well as the ways that we seek pleasure. In this rest of this month, we may learn some lessons about our relationships. Remember, a retrograde is only exposing what is already there,

The Mercury retrograde is beginning on January 14th and will end February 3rd. As the planet of communication and logic, this retrograde can leave you feeling confused and disorganized, as if there is misunderstanding or miscommunication. Instead of "trying to figure it out," this is a time to embrace the peculiar things you are being forced to bring attention to. It begins in Aquarius which is all about community, enters the hardworking Capricorn on January 25th, and closes on February 3rd. Pay close attention to what is revealed about your social life, relationships, and work ethic.

Knowing all of this information, I will also share that in the ancient yogic texts, it is stated that we should overcome the influence of the celestial bodies. In the process of meditation, one is able to sit for an extended period of time without moving, while the entire cosmos is shifting and changing around them. A powerful being is one who is aware of the astrological impacts and programming, but whom is so centered and ascended that even these massive planetary giants cannot disturb the peace and focus.

This is a large reason that I host these classes during astrological events such as the new and full moons. It is up to us to put in the practice on the daily so that we can overcome the external influences. You should be aware of astrology but you should never let it control you or use it as an excuse to act a certain way. Ultimately, we are here to overcome our programming and transcend these influences.

For this particular class we will be focusing on techniques and sequences inspired by Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Mantra yoga, and Hatha Yoga Pranayama. Utilizing these techniques, it is my goal to get us all to a point of zero point bliss throughout and by the end of the class, where we can dissolve all stresses and totally melt into the oneness. The class itself will be live on zoom but will also be recorded and sent to everybody signed up. You can expect it to be around 2 hours and it will begin at 7 PM EST, just around the time that the moon is at its fullest.

Suggested donation is $77 and the minimum is $11, however, I implore that you pay as you feel and as you can. My intention is never to break the bank for anybody and I wish to have as many of you in this class as possible. At the same time, you get out what you put in. When you invest more you will feel more called to follow up with your investment rather than put it to the side. I know in my heart that these classes are worth well over any price that I can put on them. You will own this recording for life and the consistent practice of the techniques I share will literally transform you and quantum shift you to a higher timeline.

With that being said, make sure you are empty and not eating food within 4 hours of this class. If you want to eat, aim to consume less dense foods such as juices, coconut water, and fruits. I will see you there. Sat Nam.

  • Access to a 2-hour, live group zoom call during the full moon led by Abushady. Afterwards you will receive the recording of the class to use as you please.

  • Access to a 2-hour, live group zoom call during the full moon led by Abushady. Afterwards you will receive the recording of the class to use as you please.
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